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Outlaw Speed Shop Off-Street Drags & DYO Challenge Car and Bike

The Outlaw Speed Shop Off-Street Drags

Provides the unique opportunity for legal off street drag racing. No matter your expericnce, we will be happy to teach you how to have fun at the Dragway. 

Race your vehicle on the newest state of the art drag racing facility in Australia!

Bring your street registered car or motorbike out to the Dragway and have some fun. Race your mates or call out a vehicle on the night, or just test your vehicle and skill against the lights.

Passengers Rides: Passenger Rides are now available so you can take a friend for a spin down the 1/4 mile!. Buy a passenger pass with your entry and they can ride with you as many times as they like (single runs only). The only requirement is an in date approved helmet, long pants/sleeves, enclosed shoes and you cannot be a first time driver!.

Helmet selection guide: Need to know what helmet you can take when you race? Check out the IHRA Helmet Selection Guide here There are various options available that meet the standards

DYO Challenge (Cars Only): First prize $500 for this event plus free entry to next off-street event. Runner-up gets free entry to the next off-street event.  Winner is based on eliminations. Once you have dialed in for the first round that dial in will carry through all eliminations should you be successful though the rounds of racing.

What is DYO Racing: "Dial-your-own" (DYO) simply means that you nominate your own handicap time. This gives the slower vehicle of a race a physical head start, which is programmed electronically into our Computerised Timing System. To stop someone nominating a time slower than they can actually run, thus giving an unfair advantage, a "breakout" rule is applied. Put simply, if you nominated 14.00 seconds for your "dial-in" and ran 13.99 or quicker in racing you lose the race.

"Dial-your-own" (DYO) racing is a very fair form of racing as it doesn’t matter how much you spend on your vehicle. It’s about consistently running close to you ‘Dial In’ without ‘breaking out’ and having good reaction times. DYO handicapping provides close, competitive racing for even the first timer.


Scrutineering 11am - 1pm

Off-Street RACING (Cars & Bikes): 1pm - 5pm

DYO Challenge  (Cars): 4pm - 5pm  $500 to the winner (Max 32 spots)! 

Harley Davidson DYO Challenge (Bikes): 4pm - 5pm $500 to the winner ( Max 32 spots)!

Please check out the rules and regulations for entry BELOW.

Competitor Info

  1.         You must pre-enter online, as no entries will be taken on the day. Once you have registered, please sign the waivers and your tickets will be issued to the driver/rider’s email.
  2.         Once you have entered the track & parked in a pit bay please proceed on-foot to the Scrutineering Shed to sign on at Credentials.
  3.         Please sign your competitor entry form at Credentials and the indemnity sheet to have an arm band issued. Street licence entrants may have 1 crew wristband who must also sign the indemnity sheet at Credentials.
  4.         Return to your vehicle and proceed to the Scrutineering Garage to have your vehicle checked & Race number issued.
  5.         Once you have completed the above steps you may enter the staging lanes. Follow the official’s instructions in the staging lanes, and race when you are called to the start line.
  6.         Ensure you turn your Air Conditioner off to keep water off the track! Put your phone away and make sure you are wearing the correct apparel before you get to the staging lanes.
  7.         Your Timecard may be picked up on your way back once you reach the main control tower at the completion of the return road.
  8.         Just keep lining up, again and again to keep racing!
  9.         For your safety and that of others Stay under 10kph on the return road and STAY OFF YOUR PHONE!

Full Off-Street Regs can be found here: Off-Street Regs

Licence and safety requirements by ET

As your times step up, so too will your equipment requirements in order to ensure that you are as safe as possible when racing at The Dragway at The Bend. Remember Motorsport is dangerous so take it seriously!

Check out the IHRA guide here: on what you need to do, or call the IHRA Tech dept on +61 07 5324 1360

To go racing in the Outlaw Speed Shop Street Race Series, all you need is a safe vehicle that passes basic safety checks on tyres, brakes, steering, no liquid leaks and no loose items in the boot or in the vehicle. You need to have a current Drivers or Riders License & we’ll issue you with a DDL (Divisional Day License) if you are not a member of IHRA Australia.

To Race your Street Car at Outlaw Speed Shop Street Race Series events you need long pants and top, enclosed footwear and an approved helmet.

To Race your Street Bike you need Leather Jacket, Gloves, Boots and long Leather or Kevlar equivalent pants (no jeans, trackpants, etc.) and an approved helmet of course.

You do not need a permanent IHRA Drag Racing Licence for Off Street:

Check the OFF Street E.T and MPH rules here: 

Off Street" Drag Racing are for drivers who wish to compete with their road-going street vehicles or bike. A road-going street vehicle is defined as a car or motorcycle that is street-registered or is capable of being street-registered.

Anyone who holds (or has held) an Australian provisional or full civil licence

Check the Real Street E.T and MPH rules here: 

Real Street: Is a new class dedicated to genuine OFF Street vehicles, Full Street Registration with Australian Compliance mandatory. Class Designation: RST

A/RST 2013 and later (Australian Compliance) Street registered vehicles competing 9.00 sec to 13.99 sec ET / 165 MPH

B/RST 2003 TO 2013 (Australian Compliance) Street registered vehicles competing 9.50 sec to 13.99 sec ET / 150 MPH

Accepted vehicles prior to 2003 - Include: Ford BA models - Holden VX and VY models

All competitors must comply to all Safety and General Regulations REAL STREET Licence Required - NO Medical required Vehicle Compliance Book Required (This will be provided at the track by IHRA Steward after compliance inspection)




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