Summit Racing Equipment Track Championship Rd 2

Welcome to Round 2

Summit Racing Equipment Dragway at the Bend Track Championship.

Open to all ANDRA Sportsman brackets.

This event will be ANDRA sanctioned, so in light of all the recent announcements, please read the following prior to entering for this event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dragway at The Bend!

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You will need an ANDRA license to compete in ANDRA sanctioned events. Racers who need an ANDRA license can apply for a 6 month license at the below link. 

The 6 month license is available for racers who do not have an ANDRA license and has been designed and offered by ANDRA to encourage participation.

The cost is $110 for the 6 month license and $89 for a two year log book. 

This includes ANDRA Category 1 Personal Accident Insurance  Program


You just need to complete Page 1 of the medical declaration at the below link and supply your IHRA medical certificate or a copy of your IHRA license with the current medical noted.


You will need an ANDRA medical certificate to race. However, ANDRA will recognise medical certification from other sanctioning bodies as long as they are current at the time of racing.

If you need your vehcle tech inspected please call the ANDRA office to organise prior to the event. No Tech inspections tacke place on event day.

  1. Enter the event as a competitor in the appropriate category
  2. Provide your ANDRA license Number
  3. Provide your ANDRA racing class



QUALIFYING: 10.00AM - 2.00PM



ENTRIES CLOSE sunday 10TH November AT 5PM


For event ticketing Terms & Conditions click here.

Conditions of entry terms can be found here.

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