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Cockatoo Island presents: Haunted History Night Tours!


Secrets. Scandals. Skeletons... Cockatoo Island has its fair share of all three. Now a vibrant cultural destination, the one-time convict penal establishment and reformatory school is still haunted by its history. From coffin-like prisoner cells and mysterious disappearances through to unexplained sightings of ‘George’… a centuries-old military apparition said to be caught in a limbo on the Upper Island. You too could be haunted by the island’s history…if you dare!

Operating every Saturday evening from 9 June to 25 August, each 90-minute Haunted History Night Tour is a nocturnal exploration of the Island’s more atmospheric landmarks, including the convict workshops and gaol, the grain silos, dry docks, Dog Leg Tunnel and Biloela House. Our experienced tour guides will be on hand to blend history with mystery, conjuring up visions of the Island’s past that will captivate the imagination… and test the unspookable.

Important notes about the tour:

  • The tour is designed to be family-friendly but children must be accompanied by an adult. Further, the tour’s duration (and possibly some of the content) may not be suitable for very young children.
  • The tour includes a steep incline as well as some uneven and dimly lit areas – wear closed walking shoes for comfort and safety, and have your phone torch handy. A moderate level of fitness is also required for the tour
  • Tours will run regardless of weather conditions so bring we weather gear if rain looks likely. [Note: Exceptions to this rule exist only when ferry services advise against travel due to extreme weather].
  • Tour guides will meet you outside the Visitor Centre on Cockatoo Island 15 minutes before your tour start time. Tours will not wait for latecomers, so please be on time with confirmation of your ticket purchase (either a printed copy or on your smartphone).
  • Tour participants must follow instructions given by Sydney Harbour Federation Trust staff, including Guides, Rangers and Security.
  • Tickets are refundable up to 7 days prior to the tour. For more information, contact our Box Office line on 1800 068 849 or email tours@cockatooisland.gov.au

How to get to Cockatoo Island:

Cockatoo Island is accessible by public ferry. For information about ferry tickets and timetables, head to cockatooisland.gov.au/visit/getting-cockatoo-island  

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