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SUNDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2018 12:00
2018 BOTT Adelaide Hills Rally Pike & Joyce Wines Special Stage Experience

2018 BOTT ADELAIDE HILLS RALLY Pike & Joyce Rally Experience


Sunday September 23rd, 2018 at Pike & Joyce Winery


Welcome to the 2018 BOTT Adelaide Hills Rally proudly promoted by Ultimate Motorsport Events and supported by Pike & Joyce Winery.

You will be able to enjoy the unrivalled hospitality of the Pike & Joyce Winery team whilst watching the best rally teams in Australia competing on one of the best rally stages in this country.

P&J Rally Experience will provide an afternoon filled with delicious food and wine while the 2018 BOTT Adelaide Hills Rally provide the spectacle of great rally competition at the front door step of the winery.

The day will start at 12:00pm on the Sunday with entrées and beverages sweeping through those that are lucky enough to be there.

This will be followed by the seated delivery of a sumptuous group share main course with further beverages that complement the food being served.

Finally, as the rally competition comes to an end, you will enjoy a sweet and delectable end to your Pike & Joyce Rally Experience with a choice of dessert.

Complementing  your appetite for both the gorgeous food and exciting competition will be access to (in moderation of course) wonderful suite of wines such as the Sparkling Pinot Noir Rose the Descente Sauvignon Blanc, the Buerre Bosc Pinot Gris, the Sirocco Chardonnay and the lovely Vue du Nord Pinot Noir.

Cost per person will be $95, with booking being made either directly to Pike & Joyce or via the 2018 BOTT Adelaide Hills Rally Booking portal.


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