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FRIDAY, 24 MARCH 2023 19:00
Ezio De Angelis 2023

Psychic Medium is One of a Kind!

"Wow, wow!  One fabulous message after another.  Ezio, is just so spot on with every connection. Amazing!"

Ezio De Angelis - Medium  
Wests Campbelltown
Friday 24th March 2023
Back by Popular demand! 

Do you believe in Angels?   Would you like to know what the future holds or connect to a loved one on the other side?   Come and meet Ezio De Angelis, the man they call Australia's most accurate Psychic Medium.  Ezio is back at Wests Campbelltown by popular demand.

Having been voted Australian Psychic of the Year, Ezio appeared on numerous radio and television shows such as The One - where the show's host introduced him to Australian audiences as "One of a kind and the best in the business!"

He has also appeared on radio and shows such as Kerrie Anne and Sunrise and has worked on radio stations such as Triple M, Mix FM and Today FM.   His book Postcards from the Other Side - True Stories of the Afterlife (Co-authored with his wife and medium Michelle De Angelis and published by Allen and Unwin) has been hailed among the best "psychic and spiritual books" ever produced in Australia.

Ezio has amazed audiences across Australia with his ability to accurately connect to their loved ones who have crossed over.  "It’s exciting to receive a message from a loved one on the other side.  The real evidence and comfort are in the detail I am able to deliver," he says.  "A name, a shared memory, details of things they did and places they have all comes together to give great evidence that I am really communicating with their loved ones in spirit."  He says his work, while entertaining, inspiring, and all about bringing comfort to individuals and families who grieve the loss of a cherished loved one.  "My stage shows are entertaining, which is what keeps people coming back, but it’s so much more than that. Through my work, people realise that we will meet again and that the bonds of love never die. 

Where:                       Wests Campbelltown

Doors Open:               7.00pm Friday 24th March 2023  

Shows Starts:            7.30pm Friday 24th March 2023  

Cost:                          $39 Members   $48.80 Non-Members        Facebook/Ezio De Angelis Medium


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