SATURDAY, 30 JUNE 2018 19:00
PTV On Stage - Bankstown

Australia's only Psychic TV show is coming to stage!


PTV Australia has been blessed with some of the country's most respected Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants and Tarot Readers over its many years on screen. Come and enjoy a night packed with psychic, spirituality and perhaps a little bit of spookiness as we embark upon our journey across the country.


Be the first to see our show at Bryan Brown Theatre in Bankstown, Sydney featuring:


Florence King

Florence discovered her gifts a little later in life, but has certainly made up for lost time with her immense passion for her craft. Florence not only loves life (clearly evident by her extreme bubbliness wherever she goes!), but also the afterlife. Florence is a talented medium, giving validation from our loved ones that exist beyond this world.

Kerrie Erwin

Kerrie Erwin is an international medium, paranormal ghostbuster, best selling author of nine books, freelance writer and has travelled around the world as a touring Psychic. She has worked for many years in TV, radio and works for a busy magazine with articles on healing. Kerrie's aim is to empower people, give guidance, offer healing with her many modalities and give sights into how to help you in the very best way possible.

Allan Hamlin

Allan Hamlin uses the psychic senses of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance within his mediumistic readings, to build on the impressions and dialogue that originates from communicators in the spirit realm.  These impressions are interpreted and relayed by him into a meaningful and evidential message for the client receiving the reading. Allan can also offer spiritual guidance on the result of your lifestyle choices, based on your current thought patterns, actions and intentions.  Via guidance through the Spirit, he can help you set and achieve goals that will best aid your future direction and potential.

Susan Penno

Susan Penno is a psychic medium, healer, channel, pet psychic, and teacher. With her abilities, she can see, hear and pass on messages from other people’s guardian angels and spirit guides. As a psychic, her spirit guides show her your past, present and future, including past lives. Susan has always seen angels and those who have passed over and passed on her first message at the age of four and has been doing so ever since.


** This is a filmed event, by purchasing a ticket you give filming consent to PTV Australia (Global Lifestyle Media Pty Ltd) and our third-party videographer contracted to film PTV On Stage **

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