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Subsonic Music Festival 2019

Welcome to Subsonic Music Festival 2019.

In the afterglow of what was our most incredible celebration to-date, we invite you all to join us once more in a dance - a celebration of love, life, art, nature, humanity and community, on the Downs in ’19.

It’s with enormous pleasure we unveil our first artist announce of 2019. We enter the 11th edition of our treasured gathering with an array of artists we hope you are as excited about as we are.

Celebrating 20 years of fabriclondon

Ricardo Villalobos (Perlon - CL)
Craig Richards (fabriclondon - UK)
Mathew Jonson (live - Wagon Repair- CA)
Margaret Dygas (Perlon - DE)
Bobby. (fabriclondon - UK)

Andy Garvey (Lobster Theremin- AU)
Archie Hamilton (moscow records - UK)
Ata (Robert Johnson- DE)
Audiofly (FLYING CIRCUS (official) - ES)
Ben Fester (Heavenly - AU)
Bruce (Hessle Audio - UK)
Cristi Cons (Amphia, [a:rpia:r] - RO)
Derrick May (Transmat - USA)
DeWalta (Meander - DE)
DoubtingThomas (EASTENDERZ - FR)
DJ W!LD (Dailycid Music - FR)
Late Nite Tuff Guy (Tuff Cuts - AU)
Leon Vynehall (Ninja Tune - UK)
Oliver Huntemann (Ideal Audio/Senso Sounds - DE)
Que Sakamoto (Huit Etoiles) - JP
Roi Perez (Ostgut Ton - DE)
San Proper (Rush Hour - NL)
Saoirse (Intergraded - UK)
Sonja Moonear (Ruta5/ Perlon - CH)
Stavroz (Live - Moodfamily - BE)
Steve Rachmad(Life and Death, Delsin Records - NL)
Vera (Melliflow / Perlon - DE)
Young Marco (SafeTrip - NL)

With 10 years of reflection behind us we turn our faces to the future, to enter the 11th edition of our gathering with arms and minds wide open.

For our community, the experience that defines our year is celebrated on that first sublime weekend of summer, when we converge on the pristine slice of paradise in the Barrington Tops that we all call home. Lush, green landscapes of bushland and grassy knolls are bordered by the life-blood of the festival: the breathtaking Karuah River. It winds through the foothills of the Barrington Tops resplendent with an all-pervading sense of magic; UNESCO heritage-listed wilderness, safe-guarding remnants of the ancient Gondwanaland rainforest.

Upon this enchanted setting, a cohesive collection of unified, environmentally conscious and dedicated individuals numbering in the hundreds come together to design, build, create and coordinate a place where the weird and the wonderful meet in harmony. A place that allows you to roam free, unplug from the outside world, de-clutter your brain and reconnect with nature, audio frequencies, visual spectacles - and most importantly, each other.

Spanning across 72 hours, 5 intricately crafted stages and a plethora of local & international forward-thinking artists & performers; only your mind is the limit to what you can discover, experience and harness when it comes to the focus of our festivities – the music. And when you find your ears weary, weave your way through a multitude of interactive workshops, art installations, culinary treats, and connect with the colourful characters that besiege the surrounds.

We invite you to stimulate the senses, satisfy the soul, unwind from the grind, feel the real, dance amongst the romance and enter the eventual.

Because, after all - your future is what you make of it.

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