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Georges Heights Tennis Court

Harbour Trust Community Tennis Update 20th May 2020 - COVID 19

The Harbour Trust Tennis Courts at Georges Heights and Middle Head are open for court hire (four players only) and private lessons (4 on court total). Everyone must practice social distancing (keeping 1.5 metres away from others).

Based on the recommendation from Tennis Australia COVID-19 Community Tennis Guidelines ONLY 4 players can be on a court unless they are members of the same family.  

 Serve it up on our grass court located in Georges Heights, off Suakin Drive within Headland Park. The cost is $22 per hour with a minimum booking of one hour. 


Terms and condiitions of hiring this court:

1. The Court must be promptly vacated at the end of the booking.
2. The Court may be used for playing tennis only and no other purpose.
3. Soft-soled, non-marking tennis shoes must be worn on the Court.
4. The Hirer must be mindful of the right to quiet enjoyment of neighbouring properties.
5. No more than 8 people may be on the Court at one time.
6. Children must be supervised by an adult over the age of 18 at all times. Children under the age of five years may not play on the Court.
7. The Harbour Trust’s Rangers and Security staff may monitor the Hirer’s use of the Court.
8. The Hirer is responsible for the orderly behaviour of players and spectators. Alcohol may not be consumed on or around the Court.
9. All rubbish must be removed from the Court and disposed of responsibly off-site.
10. Dogs are not permitted at the Court.
11. Motor vehicles may only be parked in designated car parks.
12. Bicycles are not permitted on the Court and must not obstruct the road or pathways.
13. The Court is located in the vicinity of a number of residential and tenanted properties to which entry is strictly prohibited (including use of their toliet facilities). Tennis balls that land in these areas cannot be retrieved under any circumstance.
14. The Harbour Trust reserves the right to close the Court at any time at its sole discretion. In such cases booking fees will be refunded. Fees are non refundable in the event of the Hirer cancelling. Dates can be amended only if the Harbour Trust is given 72 hours notice during office hours prior to the booking time. Rainchecks will be granted in the event of wet weather at the time of the booking, only if requested by the Hirer within 7 calendar days of the booking.
15. The Hirer and its guests use the Court at their own risk and release the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (the Harbour Trust) and the Commonwealth of Australia (the Commonwealth) from any actions, proceedings, demands, losses, claims, costs, expenses and liability arising from the use of the Court.
16. The Hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified the Harbour Trust and the Commonwealth from and against all costs, losses and expenses incurred by the Harbour Trust or the Commonwealth arising from damage to or destruction of the Court or arising from threatened or actual actions, proceedings, demands and liability (including any claims based on damage to property or injury or loss of life) resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the Court.
17. Public toilet facilities are located near the oval at Georges Heights.
18. Please enjoy the Harbour Trust’s parks, preserving our valuable heritage and the natural environment.

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